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Installed 16 years ago
Still undecided or have concerns over replacing your windows with new vinyl windows?
I admit that I am also guilty of posting recent projects and showing photos of projects that were recently completed. Heck, how can you blame anyone, it is an exciting time. New is exciting. New looks good. New is new. New is different from your old. Take pictures, everyone is happy, could not look better. Gotta brag a little. Lets face it new will always beat your old and everyone Loves new things, windows included.
Now that the dust has settled, let me see what  these windows look like a few years down the road. OK, the pictures below will show you a window I installed in 2002. Not 5 or 10 years, but 16 years ago almost to the month. No Window company has ever showed you their work from 16 years ago? Why not?
Vinyl windows will last you a lifetime if you do the minimal maintenance that is required, and I do mean minimal. Glass cleaner and a little soap and water. This window will show you what is possible when you purchase quality windows and have them installed by experienced professionals.
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